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A phone sex directory and link list to some of the best phone sex services on the internet. Every fetish, every fantasy, and every roleplay can be explored. Each service is focused on something a little different and we all know that variety in the way we enjoy phone sex is important. This is the only site you'll need to bookmark and you can have a full listing of adult phone sex services at your fingertips anytime you need them. So take a look below and click on any site that seems to tickle your pickle.... each one will open up in a new window for you so that you do not lose this site. And don't forget to Bookmark us!
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Phone Sex Babes - On the net since 1998, this phone sex line continues to provide great customer service, honest billing, and dozens of sexy babes ages 18-60! Take your pick from any one of the hot Phone Sex Babes!

College Phone Sex - Call the Cum Dorm and talk to a real college co-ed in her own private home or dorm room. They also have older women if you like a more mature approach too! Just call toll free anytime and get connected to a horny college cutie!

Sexy Phone Girls - Tiffany's Extreme Phone Sex parlour where your fantasy playmate will enact any of your dark, dirty, and kinky fantasies. Tiffany's girls are all perverts, and anxious to hear your deepest darkest secrets!

Phone Sex Perverts - Perverted but not finding the right phone sex service to satify your perverse cravings? These bitches are as perverted as it gets! Talk to all of the Phone Sex Perverts and meet the kinkiest girls on the net!

Money Slave Phone Sex - Do you have an urge to talk to ladies who only want to use you for your money? Do you like bratty Princesses, or Dominant Mature ladies? We have all kinds of greedy bitches available 24 hours per day that will make you feel stupid for letting them USE you!

Phone Sex Seductions - Erotic Phone Sex Seductions with lucious sensual feminine voices are just a phone call away! We specialize in anything erotic, every seductive, and we love tease and denial games. We'll play with you, toy with you, and make you phone sex experience the most erotic you've ever experienced!

Cuckold Phone Sex - Cuckold Phone Sex is a fantasy that must be explored with experienced ladies. You have a small dick, and we are not shocked. It's not good enough to fuck ANY of us... again, not a shock. We know your type, little, whiney, wimpy, swishy, loser boy that will give a woman anything she wants... even other cock, a REAL cock, a black cock, or any kind of cock better than what you got! The trouble is you can't help yourself to give us what we want, not if you get to watch or hear about it.... or watch it.... or drink from a pool of salty flavored wetness.

Loser Phone Sex - Phone Sex for Losers ... you deserve to be overcharged, and you know it. This is an adult phone sex service that specializes in verbal humiliation and financial domination. Not only do you have to pay a phone sex operator to tell you what a dipshit you are; but you'll also pay through the nose for it because you like it.

2 Pump Chumps - Phone Sex for under $20.00? Yes! It's possible! All you need is to get off so there is no need for a fantasy, a roleplay, or great big long introductions! Let's get to it, cut to the chase because you've probably already got your cock prepared and only need finished off!

Nibble on Nikki - Talk to Naughty Nikki's kinky girl friends all day, or all night when you are needing a little kink. Live girls who work from home want to tease you right now. Real amateur girls that provide phone sex from their homes, and no fantasy is ever restricted.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex - Foot Fetish Phone Sex is a specialty site that caters to the foot lover! Experience your favorite fantasy: foot job, feet licking, feet worship, toe sucking, toe nail painting, foot sniffing, sweaty feet, high heel worship, boot licking, boot worship, bare feet, sexy ankles and legs, petitie toes, large feet, small feet, soft silky feet, sole sucking, nylons, arch tickling, and shoe fetish talk. We can cover just about any foot topic you can image! Tootsie Phone Sex will help you explore the pleasure of our feet.

Shemale Phone Sex - Talk to a live sexy woman with a huge cock! That's right, our horny shemales have something special hiding inside their pretty panties, and it is rock hard just for you!

Fetish Phone Sex - Got Fetish? Oh yes we do! This site All Fetish Phone Sex caters to all kinds of kinky desires and taboo fantasies! Check it out, maybe we'll shock you or maybe you'll get a few new ideas!

Wild Phone Sex Girls - Feel like getting a little wild? Then you should talk to girls that are wild by nature and anxious to please. These wild phone sex girls will try anything once, then twice to be sure that they like it. And trust me... they like fucking everything!

2 Girl Phone Sex - Are you man enough to take on 2 girls at once? How about a mother/daughter fantasy, or two sultry sisters? Fulfill your ultimate 3 Way Phone Sex fantasy now - the only limit is your own imagination!

1 on 1 Phone Sex - As the name suggests, this line offers live, 1-on-1 Phonesex Fantasy with no restrictions and complete privacy! Just tell the dispatcher what kind of girl you'd like, or what your fantasy is, and she'll select the girl best suited for you!

Kinky Phone Sex - Phone Sex is a verbal conversation and the mental exploration of fantasy. Sometimes our personal fantasies are "kinky" and we don't dare share them with our partners. But here at KINKY CALLS PHONE SEX you can share anything, any fantasy, with no judgment and no shame.

Nasty Phone Sex - The dirty little sluts at Nasty Calls PhoneSex have no problem sharing your dirty daydreams, or even sharing their own. . We are a group of nasty girls that thrive at phone sex, roleplay, and the dirtiest of secrets. Our specialty are catering to nasty calls, the more taboo the better, and we like it that way.

Phone Sex Calls - Phone Sex Calls is strictly geared toward men that appreciate kinky taboo fantasy talk with women of all ages. We've got a lot more than run-of-the-mill phone sex to offer you, because we can cater to every fetish or fantasy 24 hours per day. All ladies work from the comfort of thei r own homes which means there are no limits in your personal phone sex call. Step inside our website, be delighted, teased, and turned on.... then give us a call to finished you off.

Smoking Fetish Phone Sex - for guys who think chicks that smoke are hot! Girls with cigarettes will tease you while they puff their smoky whispers in your ear. Nothing is more sexy than the sound of a woman smoking a cigarette, with deep long drags, the release of the smoke, and smoldering raspy quality to her voice. These phone sex girls will let the smoke slowly come out of their lips while they weave a steamy fantasy so vivid that you'll feel it. This site is for those who have a fetish for cigarette smokers, sexy smoky female voices, and phone sex. We're breaking all social taboos by lighting up our cigarettes and allowing our smoking fetish into our phone sex world!

Late Night Phone Sex - Phone sex is available anytime, 24 hours, and all night long! If you are a night owl like we are; then you like staying up all night and getting off at the same time. We're party girls and tend to be up late overnight and we make it easy to have phone sex very early or very late. You'll always have a variety of phone sex girls to choose from, and you are sure to cum back again and again once we prove just how much phone sex you can have late at night!

Wild Phone Sex - Wild Phone offers dozens of sexy women who do phone sex in their own homes with all the privacy and discretion needed to discuss your wild fantasies intimately Complete pleasure is just a phone call away!

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